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Ethics: The Way We Are Or The Way We Were

Introduction - X-Based Ethics
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by Edward K. Brown II

Society is in (emotional/intellectual/spiritual) conflict with the (behavioral/cognitive/psychic) resolution of (temporal/local[e]/global) disposition towards values [concepts and facts] concerning the attitude(s) called for in response to a non-fictional point of view (i.e. issue). At issue are the Ethics "of society," the (cathartic/quiescent/vicarious) literacies that lie beneath the (path/map/passage in the) celebration of a (fundamental/practical/metaphysical) culture. Ethics is a perception-based (i.e. x-based) set of (contingent/conventional/riteful) references as delineated (by sequence/process/promotion) to negotiate the organizational coding of an issue: a conflict resolution disposition.

There are four kinds of x-based ethics: generic, identity, personality, and character.

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