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Landmarks of a Tour(ist's) Guide
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by Edward K. Brown II

Folk collect information to process an experience and access information to practice an experience. Information collected to process an experience is the introspective channeling of an intellectual trauma into a simulacrum causing a thought impression to be transfixed in memory (from consciousness) composing a manner. This process is termed psychogenesis.

Information accessed to practice experience is the projective channeling of an intellectual trauma from a simulacrum causing a thought expression to be transferred (from memory) into consciousness contextualizing mores. This practice is termed historicognition. The culmination of collecting/accessing information and channeling introspectively/projectively a trauma is termed holoneurosis.

Psychogenesis (a composition of mannerisms) and historicognition (a contextualization of mores), holoneurosis (a symbiosis of psychogenesis and historicognition) is tempered by the significantly profound. The significantly profound is the mood/tone of the collected/accessed memory that shifts the perspective of an interaction; a semiotic/noetic skew of the trauma as sensed by humour (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and/or melancholic).

When traumatized intellectually, folk use humour as a catalyst to cultivate the trauma into a psychogenesis that prompts thought impressions (monition, reflection, formulation) to process the experience, to collect information (simulacrum transfixed).

Psychogenesis outlines/composes the structure of holoneurosis, which is built by connecting a monition of present conditions to a reflection on past experiences (semiotics) so to be able to speculate on a future paradigm (noetics). Humour then influences the sharing of significant profundity. Humour also instigates historicognition, which places into context, fleshes out idioms.

Historicognition is the body of holoneurosis, construing thought provoking expressions (in the form of an explanation, justification, rationalization), information that encodes a version of the experience (simulacrum transferred). Information, while processed in psychogenesis, is conceited (humored) into a practice in historicognition--a point by point description of discovered actions taken or actions found necessary to take. Hence holoneurosis--the intricacies of significant profundity are revealed in the acculturation of information.

Holoneurosis, a nuance of psychogenesis and historicognition, is osmosed (transfixed and transferred) through some form of orality. Orality, it can be spoken or written, is the langue and parole through which individuals coalesce with folk in the community. Inherent in orality are the "facts" that osmose trauma-linked "values" of individuality within a folk's existence.

Folk collect information so to process the facts and values associated, and access information so to assimilate an order of facts and values, so to practice a wisdom that will "prevent" any unnecessary traumatic (intellectual or physical) experiences. In other words, for folk, orality is a fluctuation between manner and mores that brings the dead to life and to death again--a cult milieu between langue and parole.

This essay will show how experience is composed and contextualized by holoneurosis, how reality is the osmosis of facts and values articulated, represented orally as information. Concluding that this composition/contextualization is executed for the purpose of establishing landmarks (simulacra) to be used as a guide for the sake of "touring" through life, the essay proposes that holoneurosis occurs so folk are able to ascertain the humoured resiliency of a trauma that has yet to happen in a different, but similar fashion (in relation) to the current events transpiring within a particular (niche) community.

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Copyright © by Edward K. Brown II
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