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POLITICS & CULTURE: Atmospheric Boundaries
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by Edward K. Brown II

Social order, the ideology of placing limits on a community, is established by folk through interaction, through an (in)direct assignment of views founded on a symbiotic relationship between politics and culture.

During interaction, what is articulated is a point of view on the way things are/were, on the way things could/would/should happen. What is articulated is an opinion on the techniques used to implement the association of meaning and the assimilation of spirituality.

As folk interact, they (un)intentionally make use of scientific and analytical techniques (ways) to articulate their opinions. Such techniques are supported by setting boundaries, by identifying landmarks (things) that compose a factual and/or valuable atmosphere (dystopian/nutopian/utopian tendencies).

Not until meaning is associated to a fact and/or spirituality assimilated to a value, in other words landmarked by a technique, do folk begin to recognize the existence and/or election of an ideology.

This essay will explore how folk perceive the atmosphere within the boundaries of a community to develop an ideology, how a community composes an atmosphere for social order, how folk set to the task of setting limitations, of finding ways to make things happen.

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