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Living within Multimanifestations
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by Edward K. Brown II

Today's societies are either a byproduct of, or are aspiring towards modern theory and methodology. The societies who are a byproduct of modernism have exhausted their intellectual resources; they face the postmodern dilemma of having manipulated every last aspect of life. There are fewer myths from which to draw--fewer truths to conjure. The postmodernist society lives in a continuous series of developed revelations. They have hit a glass ceiling, the present, and are trying to get themselves back to the floor: to the past, or beyond the present.

Those societies who aspire towards modernity desire to eschew this postmodern dilemma: the traits which have stripped their present person-hood and fastened their multifaceted intellect to a singular present. However, for these societies, their modern future is dependent upon pomo-surrogacy and support. Today, both kinds of societies wonder what can be done with modern truth and postmodern revelation. What method of thought may or can be utilized to create a paradigm which links the past with the present with the future? The answer lives not in technology; the answer rests in logisms.

A logism is a comparative theory, a paradigm which is used to assess society as well as the communities that are a composite thereof. By manipulating the logism, a truth is formulated about a previous theory be the theory traditional, philosophical, democratic, or psychological in nature. Being that every individual in a community is taught a logism, it would follow that in teaching a logism, another must be replaced or manipulated away so to incorporate, develop an accepted "truth."

As mentioned above, intellectual resources have become more scare, have become a commodity, so what exists? What exists are evolved logisms that are transformed. These transformed logisms, translogisms, include the initial logism, but through necessity have adopted another logism, in some cases several. Evolving translogisms allows the individual to trek objectively from the past to present to the future. The truth will no longer need to be developed, nor its ramifications revealed because the truth is "upgraded," not hegemonically, but hermeneutically: individually, not collectively.

This essay introduces the translogism persona art: the traditional, philosophical, democratic psychology; i.e. the making and maintaining of perception through impressionism and expressionism via mnemonics and intent. The logism as process and practice, will also be discussed. This essay will map the process and practice indigenous to every individual, and will do so by evolving the protagonist/antagonist construct. The focus of this essay, living within multimanifestations, is to show how oxymoronic paradoxes are inherent in individuals, communities and societies, and how these composites are derived from similar differences.

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